Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Foodie trials and trails in Dwarka

We live in a place called Dwarka. Now while Dwarka is supposedly Delhi (our pin code is 110077) however it’s always treated as a separate entity. A big zone with 20 plus sectors Dwarka is a sub city  – the distance from the celebrated areas of Central and South Delhi adding to its isolation.

While this has its advantages – one doesn’t have to fight with neighbors for parking space, there are ample parks and play grounds for children and security within the housing complexes is good. The one disadvantage is that of being at a loss when planning an evening out. There are no malls or cineplexes in Dwarka and the eateries too mostly leave one a little less than happy.

This past weekend we happened to try out two such Dwarka outlets and here is what I found:

Drool Kitchen was recommended by a friend as a quick meeting place – located in the Metro Station complex of Sector 10 it seemed like a good setting. Ample parking space, a restaurant with a separate party zone where a Birthday party was going on when we visited, the good part was that the party revelries didn’t disturb those sitting in the restaurant.

Not so nice Chilli Chicken
Since we were there early in the evening and the intention was to have a quick chit chat we didn’t order any main course and went with two starters Mughlai and Chinese. This is something we frequently do as a check to see which cuisine the outlet is more comfortable serving and which is an add-on.
The on the house papad and aam chutney they offered was a nice touch to keep us busy with something to nibble on while our order got prepared. We had also ordered some drinks which took a while to come as the bartender was busy, however the staff was courteous enough to come and inform us about the delay.

The presentation of the food was nice and while the chilli chicken was okay I found the Murg Malai tikka really good succulent, decent sized pieces and served not just with the mandatory mint chutney but with an interesting mustard sauce as well. 

The very nice Murg Malai Tikka

Deez Biryiani is a name I have a lot of fond memories of and blindly suggest as the place to get your Handi biryiani delivered from if you are in Delhi NCR. This past Sunday some friends dropped in and were in the mood to go out for dinner. The main motive being some nice mutton preparation. At one point we thought of visiting the Karim’s in Gurgaon but dropped the idea and decided to order in from Deez Biryiani, at Sector 5 Dwarka. 

Since I had made a veg fried rice already we decided to order two different mutton dishes a Ghosht Korma Peshawari and a Pakistan Ghosht Masala.
We awaited the orders in high anticipation and the delivery was made within half an hour which brought a smile all round. The smiles however soon faded when we sat down to eat as the mutton was terrible – totally non chewable and we had to finally give all the pieces to the dog. The gravies too were hardly a caliber one would associate with Deez. 

We called up the outlet to inform them that our dinner was totally ruined only to be asked indifferently as to what we want them to do. We said we just wanted to inform upon which the call was disconnected without any apologies.

I don’t know if the standards of all the Deez outlets have tumbled or its only the Dwarka outlet which has such bad standards of both food and manners.

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