Thursday, October 24, 2013

Mishti Aloo Mishti

Yummy sweet fritters which are good as snacks if a sweet tooth runs in your family or as an unusual dessert.

How to make it?

Half kg sweet potato, boiled and peeled.
Half cup grated coconut.
Half cup sugar.
Half cup suji.
Half cup white oil.
5-6 green elaichi.
A tablespoon each of crush kaju and kishmish.

Mash the sweet potato well with the kaju, kishmish, grated coconut, sugar and suji. Add powdered elaichi powder. Leave the mix in the fridge for about an hour.

Heat the oil in a kadhai, using your palm and fingers shape the sweet. Keep water in a bowl handy to help you with this. Having wet hands ensures the mixture doesn't act to sticky.

Fry them carefully on medium flame. Let one side fry to a golden brown only then turn the sweet, this will ensure it doesn't break while turning.
You can serve hot or at room temperature.

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