Monday, October 7, 2013

Yummy Challenges

Pizza – has been my weakness for a very long time. Those sinfully calorie laden gooey cheese filled slices of heaven. So when a pizza eating competition was announced on the FB page of Chef at Large I was tempted however hesitated as I wasn’t sure how many I would need to eat to be able to compete. Interest up I kept following the thread till a message from Sid showed that volunteers hadn’t lined up – I took my chance and said yes.
Having agreed, nervousness set in – will I be able to eat fast and enough to not let the team down? How many people would be there, watching me eat? The doubts were many but having said yes I wasn’t about to back out.
So on the first day of Navratras with a quick prayer to the Mother I set out to participate. On the way read about people exercising, taking digestives etc. in preparation and a lot of others wishing us good luck. It felt nice to be a part of a big family and having people root for you.
Forgot to mention that the organizers had arranged for a cab as well and I arrived at the venue before time, wandered around the huge Ambience Mall and window shopped a bit till it was time for the competition to begin.
Deepak gungho about winning - the guy's got attitude
At the entry to the Pizza Hut on the third floor I met up with Sid Khullar and Deepak Mirani my team mates for the upcoming competition and soon we were chatting away about food, life and eating tactics as we waited for our fourth member Sumeet to join us.
Pizza Hut has a special offer running from the 16th Sept -20th Oct for unlimited Pizzas at a very reasonable price of Rs. 199/- for veg and 229/- for non veg per person. I thought it was an amazing offer and made a lot of sense for youngsters with voracious appetites and limited pocket monies. In fact the competition had been organized as a part of the same offer.

Sumeet listening in on the papparazzi chatter
Once all participants came in and we were set to eat our way to glory – the competition began. Not before we had been video graphed walking in and taking our places, with periodic flashes going off as well. My own paparazzi moment I tell you J
Well, we took our seats and across the table were the competitor team – we flexed our stomach muscles, the bell rang and we were on…
Sid planning strategy or is that a prayer to the Food Devta?
All conversation stopped as we focused on gulping down the pizzas as fast as possible. 1, 2, 3 to go...the count from both the tables egging us on.
Proud to announce that we ate so much and so fast that there was a gap in delivery – the kitchen couldn’t keep up with us, we cheered in glee.
Sumeet and Deepak in our team were the serious eaters while I and Sid took periodic breaks to click pictures, tweet and post about the competition.  At about the 5thslice I would have given up but for the look on the face of the competition. They looked about to give up and that egged me on couldn’t let an easy win go. So, on we trudged, Sumeet and Deepak of course leading by a large margin.
I managed to gulp down two more slices and stood at 7 slices. Sumeet had finished his 10th by then – I could barely lift a slice but couldn’t let the team down so munched on.
The final countdown had me stuffing my last bite of the 9th slice in – by then my gag reflex had kicked in and it was a struggle to keep shoving food down but did manage.
The main thing is we won with 41 slices managed between us within 30 minutes – no mean feat I tell you. Anyone who thinks otherwise can go to Pizza Hut and have a competition and let me know how many slices you manage to finish – I will be listening.

Couldnt beleive that these kids started this chain which has gone global now. Talk about vision.


  1. Amazingly well put together :) way to go Priyanka .. .

    1. Thank you so much Deepak..

      It was nice to meet you folks, lets stay connected.

  2. seems scary, enough to scare off genuine lovers, are you sure this is only way to promote all you can eat?


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