Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Lebanese Momos

Dwarka where I live is a big sub city populated by middle to high income families from almost all over India. So it really surprises me why the place has so few 'swear by' eateries to boast of. Every time I think of having a meal to remember, I have to head for South or Central Delhi or towards Gurgaon which in the past few years has come up with quite a few note worthy places.

While I do so my hunt for worth mentioning places in Dwarka continue and as often as I can, I try checking out new places in an attempt to figure out nice options within the sub city.

One such attempt had led me to Baba Ganooosh - a small eatery in the sector 11 market which had an interesting name. I walked in to find that true to name they do serve Lebanese dishes and hummus, falafal, shwarma, labneh etc were all on the menu. Though limited demand meant the owner who had been a chef in Saudi Arabia had to also offer Chinese and Indian dishes to sustain.

Happily I ordered two Shwarma rolls as takeaway and made a mental note to come back again. The rolls sadly didnt measure up and I didnt go back again. Till a few days back when I was in the vicinity, mighty hungry and alone as well.

Since I wanted a quick bite and no other outlet seemed to offer anything interesting I walked into Baba Ganooosh yet again. I ordered a plate of chicken momos thinking that no one can go horribly wrong with it so no matter what it should be bearable.

When the momos came I was truly surprised - to start with these were fresh piping hot momos not the kind which get cooked for hours like they sell by the roadside. Secondly the outer layer was thin and almost translucent.

The filling was well made and the sauce was nice. Baba Ganooosh just made my day. :)

In case you are looking for nice momos do go to these guys. And yes while there do try the Lebanese dishes as well it would be a pity if the only Lebanese food outlet in Dwarka has to convert to chinjabi in order to survive.

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