Monday, August 18, 2014

A lil Persian tale

Today is the Persian New Year so Navroz Mubaarak.

As I sit in office reading up about all sorts of Parsi delicacies being made and had on my FB timeline while my lunch of bhindi and roti awaits I end up writing this post to mitigate my food pangs somewhat. There is no other way to keep away from it all you see.

The kids at the flag hoisting earlier in the day

This independence day we visited a small little restaurant in the quaint streets on Hauz Khas village a place which holds a lot of happy memories for us.

We planned an evening with friends whose daughter is part of all family portraits my 3 year old draws. So the six of us set out for the Hauz Khas village from our far away village of Dwarka. The idea was to explore the neighboring Deer park and then go on to Faarsi which was our target for the evening.

The girls were super excited and created quite a commotion at the back of the Scorpio while we adults tried to have snatches of conversation between telling them to pipe down.

Welcome to Hauz Khas Village

Hauz Khas village has become the favorite haunt of the foodie as well as the party animal of South Delhi. With restaurants, pubs and more in every crook and niche. With a huge parking space the place is easily reached by Car or you can take the metro till the Green park Metro station and hop on an auto from there.

could have been so beautiful algae filled lake - shame on you DDA
Post parking we walked into the Deer Park which brought back many childhood memories of early morning walks, feeding the deer and squealing at the rabbits. It's so sad to see such gorgeous places not being attended to well. So well located and yet so ignored by the powers that be. A little care and attention could turn this place into such a delight and not to mention a non-mall option for Delhiwallahs to hang out at.

After an hour long walk in the park and checking out the lake we were prepped well for dinner and snaking through the narrow streets of the Village landed in front of Faarsi.

the pretty entry

Done up in the blue and jaali work which so connotes all things Persian, Faarsi turned out to be a small eatery with a large menu. Specializing in Persian, Turkish and Lebanese cuisine Faarsi is essentially a takeaway and delivery joint with a few seats thrown in for those who want to catch a quick satisfying bite or two.

the sitting area

Having had stints in the middle east both our friend and the partner oohed and aahed through the menu and finally chose what to order while we the women folks tried to get the girls to settle down.

Predictably enough we started with a mezze platter which apart from the customary salad, kabab, kibbeh and pita bread came accompanied with so many delicious dips that quite honestly I would have been happy with just the dips and some pita bread to go with it. A hummus, baba ganoush, labneh, toum, tabbouleh  and more whose names I forget were totally the rockstars of our meal.

The to-die-for dips 

The mezze platter - we gorged on three of these
We however didnt stop at that but continued on to shish taouk kebabs and also shawarmas. Both these dishes are popular across Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Israel with minor variants.

The Shish taouk served on pita bread with a side of salad, hummus and pickled veggies

The shish taouk kebabs werent really as great as we had expected them to be for being used to portions in the middle east the ones here frankly felt inadequate nor was the chicken shawarma the partner had as fulfilling though my lamb shawarma was quite satisfying.
My Lamb Shawarma 
The other lady in the group was a vegetarian and her platter had cheese samosas, paneer & veg cigar rolls, falafel and the dips and bread.

The Veg Platter - the vegetarians can survive too ;)

Overall we had a hearty meal at a pretty reasonable cost and came away satisfied and with a doggie bag as well for we had not been able to finish all that we had enthusiastically ordered. The only sadness they didnt pack us the dips :(

Though we had hoped to we never quite made it to having the baklava the unique sweet dish that most of middle east swears by. It makes another trip essential I guess.

Baklava - till the next time

Some pictures have been taken from the official Faarsi site while all others are self clicked.

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