Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Brownie Points

Brownies are those gooey chocolaty things that one digs into with or without reason. To have a brownie is sheer indulgence. The high chocolate content gives me the perfect kick and while I will eat only a small piece of cake, a brownie is always in the bigger is better category.

So it happened that I was holding onto a cupful of rum soaked dry fruits & spices which were leftovers from the Christmas cake.  I didn't want to bake more plum cake for two reasons. One the process is lengthy and secondly I had baked quite a few in December and didn't feel like doing it again.

A brownie seemed a better alternative. I replaced the usual walnuts with the soaked fruits and hoped it wouldn't be too weird a taste. Well the outcome was a finger licking good brownie with just a hint of rum to take its addictive qualities a notch higher.


125 gm Maida (white flour)
1 TSP Baking powder
200 gm i.e half tin condensed milk
3 TBSP Butter
2 TBSP Cocoa Powder (I used Cadbury's)
1 cup Grated chocolate( I used Morde's dark chocolate)
1 bar of Lindt Orange flavoured chocolate
Few drops of Orange flavour
1/2 TSP Baking Soda
1 cup rum soaked dry fruits (check details here)
A few spoonfuls Milk


Sieve all the dry ingredients together twice. In a double boiler add the chopped chocolate,butter and condensed milk keep stirring till all the chocolate is melted.

Add the sieved flour mixture to this and mix well. If your batter is thick add 3-4 TBSP milk. Add a few drops of orange flavor.  Grease  a 9 inch baking dish with butter. Preheat the oven to 160 degree for 10 mins. Put 1/2 the batter into the greased tray. Now add the dry fruits evenly on top of it. Break the Lindt chocolate into small pieces and add on top of the dry fruits. Pour the rest of the batter on top of it.
Bake it for 30 mins at 160 degree. Let it sit in the oven to absorb the heat.

The usual test of a clean tooth pick insert doesn't work with a brownie since it's supposed to be gooey anyways. This one will have a melted center thanks to the Lindt chocolate there.

Let it cool a bit and then dig in and be delighted.

P.S: Incase you want to bake a regular brownie just replace the the lindt bar with choco chips and add walnuts instead of the soaked dry fruits. You can skip the orange flavor as well. I added it since I wanted to overcome the spicy smells of the soaked fruits.

Sorry for not posting any pictures alongside. I forgot to click the pictures before it got polished off. 

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