About Me

I am a working woman who loves food. I am also mom to a high energy 3 year old. Midst my mad schedule and never ending chores list I like to experiment with food. Be it about eating out or cooking up in my own kitchen ‘Food’ excites me.

Friends and visitors to Delhi often call or message me for food options and colleagues seek quick recipes that they can attempt in their own kitchens. This coupled with often having to repeat food experiences with people gave the idea of having a blog to chronicle my food rendezvous. Truth be told the blog also acts now as my online diary for tried and tested recipes. 

Having shifted to Dwarka, Delhi about three years ago and being repeatedly told that I need to travel either to Gurgaon or South Delhi for good food, I have taken it upon myself to hunt out good food joints in Dwarka itself and I report the same on the blog and my fb page with extra vigor. A place without good food is such a deplorable tag to have.

Do join me on my food journeys as and when you can spare some time from your busy schedule and do visit often and leave comment on the posts. I would love to hear from you :)